Tranquility Room

Little description

Deluxe, double bedroom stylishly decorated in a pistachio colour, bringing the outside in, to create a calming colour scheme. Views from your bed! On one side you look out over The Surrey Hills and on the other, you look out over the tiered garden
Jane, AirBnB

“Expect to want to return again and again to Ranmore Rise. Just as we do, over and over. Expect accommodation of the highest class with attention to every detail, and to needs you didn’t even know you had until Linda caters to them. Expect to sit high up looking out at the most splendid view which stretches away for miles and causes you to fall completely in love with the Surrey landscape. Expect to find that you no longer look for hotel rooms as THIS B&B has spoilt you for choice and shown you what first class accommodation is.”


“We had such a wonderful time! It’s a beautiful area and Ranmore Rise has amazing views of the surrounding hills. There is a telescope, which was awesome. The bed is very comfortable and there is a pillow bar with all sorts of pillows to chose from to cater for everyone. So much attention to detail, it was a wonderful stay and we’ll definitely be back. Linda was very hospitable and really went out of her way to make sure that everything was great.”