Our 60 Point Green Pledge

Proud to be the most eco-friendly B&B in Surrey

Ranmore Rise Retreat is located in the heart of The Surrey Hills, a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ with sweeping landscapes, breathtaking views and lush green countryside.

We love this beautiful part of the world we are fortunate to call home.

We want to give a little something back to nature and so have joined a reforestation scheme…..

🌲 We will now plant one tree per day of a guest stay!

What’s more our guests will receive details of the trees planted, their location and the benefits they will bring 😊💚

We also want to do everything we can to protect this beautiful area…not just for our benefit but also for future generations to come.

You can rest assured that as a business we are 100% committed to reducing our carbon footprint and plastic waste and are passionate about sustainability…..

We have a 60 Point Green Pledge in place….this highlights everything we do to minimise our impact on the environment.

Scroll down to read more about what we are doing…

  • We plant specific flowering plants in our rock garden and kitchen garden which attract bees and butterflies. These include lavender, cotoneaster, sedums, geraniums, chives and oregano
  • We do not use any herbicides or chemical fertilisers in the grounds and only use peat free compost
  • We have an eco friendly bee hotel which attracts solitary bees and offers a safe place for them to rest, hibernate, nest and lay eggs away from predators
  • We have a log pile to encourage an eco system to support moss, fungi, insects and other invertebrates
  • We encourage birds with our nest boxes and by feeding them in our garden and have a water feature and bird bath for them to visit
  • We have designated an area in the garden for wildflowers
  • We offer wellness walks and appreciation of nature from our certified eco therapist
  • All our lights are low energy and controlled by motion sensors
  • All of the lights in the garden are powered by solar energy as is the water feature
  • We have double glazing throughout the building and roof insulation
  • We have installed a modern, energy efficient boiler and the suite is not heated when unoccupied
  • Thermostatic control valves have been fitted on the radiators and towel rail to reduce energy usage
  • Our appliances are all A rated and we use economical programmes where possible and full (not half) loads of laundry in the washing machine and dryer. Our dryer uses an energy-efficient heat pump system
  • Our dressing gowns are made of a super soft material, designed to take less drying time than toweling
  • Our rimless toilet is more energy efficient and our shower is non electric
  • Our sink tap has a flow restrictor to reduce wastage
  • Our toilet has a small cistern and has been set to shorter flushes. It also has been fitted with a water saving device saving up to 3 litres of water every flush
  • Our kettles are made from metal and with cup level indicators so you only boil the water you need
  • Rain water is collected via a water butt to water plants in the garden
  • We supply reusable water bottles for guests to use when out and are happy to fill guests’ own water bottles
  • To reduce food miles and packaging, we prepare breakfast to order and on site. We prepare fresh bread, fresh granola and muesli, homemade jam and yogurt and home made cookies and cakes. Our honey is made by one of our neighbours from their hive and we use seasonal fruit where possible
  • We use fresh mint, lemon balm and nasturtiums from our kitchen garden as food garnishes
  • We provide reusable glass bottles of fresh milk rather than plastic pots of UHT milk
  • Our home made yogurt is supplied in glass containers
  • We do not supply biscuits in plastic wrappers or boxes, we provide home made treats in glass cloches
  • We do not supply sugar sachets, sugar cubes are provided in glass jars
  • We do not supply jam or butter miniatures and provide both in glass jars
  • We do not supply cereal boxes and make our own muesli and granola which are supplied in glass kilner jars
  • Instead of cling film we use beeswax wraps which are 100% natural and biodegradable. When they reach the end of their lifespan, we add them to our compost heap.
  • We feed unused bread to the birds, and food waste is recycled and collected by the Council
  • Our coffee is organic so no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used
  • We put used coffee grounds as organic matter in our rock and kitchen gardens avoiding the need for them to go to landfill where they emit methane
  • Our groceries are delivered using the Sainsburys eco delivery service
  • All our waste is recycled or reused where possible
  • To save paper, we do not provide newspapers but these can be read on the IPad we supply
  • We provide fresh, filtered water which is refillable instead of plastic water bottles
  • We use carbon zero company ‘Neals Yard’ refillable bottles which are biodegradable and recyclable instead of using plastic miniatures
  • We use Biovie cleaning products which are refillable, non toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Our microfibre cleaning cloths are washed and reused rather than using disposable wipes and cloths
  • Our glass shower enclosure has a special clear shield reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Our laundry detergents are made by Biovie and are plant-based, phosphate-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable and packaged in recyclable bottles made from recycled plastic
  • We use Cheeky Panda Bamboo Toilet Paper Rolls, kitchen towel and facial tissues which are made from sustainable forests and are eco friendly and packaged plastic free
  • Our cotton buds are made from bamboo, not plastic and our cotton pads are biodegradable and chlorine free
  • We supply cotton flannels to reduce the need for cleansing wipes
  • Towels will not be replaced daily unless by request. They will be replaced every four nights as standard, along with bedding.
  • Tourist information leaflets are put back in the holders for reuse and guests are not required to print or show confirmations of bookings or gift vouchers.
  • Our goodie bags are made from recycled paper
  • We have a book nook and encourage guests to swap a book they have read for a new one
  • We have used low VOC paints throughout the building
  • We use cut flowers from our garden in the rooms from March to November
  • Garden waste is composted and matured into nutrient-rich compost and added back to our kitchen garden and rock garden.
  • We have joined litter picks in our area to assist in keeping our local community clean
  • Many of our guests come from London via public transport as a car is not essential here. All walks and the local town can be accessed from the back garden gate which leads straight on to the Greensand Way, one of the major trails in the Surrey Hills.
  • We provide directions for our favourite walks on the Ipad and these can be sent direct to your phone to follow
  • We encourage bike hire from the local shop and provide a safe bike storage for guests who bring their own
  • We encourage shopping, eating, and drinking locally and have negotiated special offers with independent restaurants selling locally sourced food, some of which can be visited on foot
  • Guests can also eat in the suite which is supplied with a fridge, microwave and crockery and utensils